Privacy Policy

MediaMatrix E.I.R.L., editor and owner of the business website, imposes upon itself the strictest compliance with the provisions of Law 19.628 on the Protection of Private Life* of the Republic of Chile, as well as unreserved compliance with each and every one of the guarantees set out in Article 19 of the Political Constitution* of the Republic of Chile.

Access to some parts of the site is reserved for Users who comply with an obligation to register. To that end a minimum of personal data is requested, essentially to allow adequate differentiation between Users. Notwithstanding the optional procedures considered in the following paragraph, the e-mail address that is requested is only needed for the purpose of sending to the newly-registered User confirmation of his/her registration details and subsequent completion of the registration process (and to send a special access code if the User has forgotten his/her password).

A registered User, either during the registration process or subsequently, may elect to receive, via the e-mail address referred to above, occasional commercial communications from MediaMatrix E.I.R.L., which will not be issued more frequently than monthly. By default, the dispatch of such communications is disabled, and it will not be enabled other than as the result of the deliberate and informed choice of the User, who is able to disable it again at any time through his/her personal profile. MediaMatrix E.I.R.L. does not use third party services for the dispatch of e-mail communications, thus eliminating the risk of the illegitimate distribution of Users' e-mail addresses and consequent 'spam'.

On the website there are various options that allow the User - whether registered or not - to voluntarily enter additional or complementary personal information extending beyond that required in the registration process. The data provided voluntarily by the User through the site by means of the appropriate forms provided therein (e.g.: a form to request a quotation for products or services), and e-mails received by MediaMatrix E.I.R.L. requesting information or sending observations, and which may also contain personal data, may be included in a personal data file, unless otherwise specified.

In certain circumstances, which will be drawn to the User's attention in a timely fashion, MediaMatrix E.I.R.L. may record in its databases other personal data obtained from public sources (e.g.: telephone directories, the press, ...), or in relation to past, present or future business transactions between the User and the business, with a view to ensuring the proper documentation of transactions, contracts and other obligations which may exist between both parties, in accordance with the best practises of computerized private business.

The User's personal data is accessible only to themselves, to MediaMatrix E.I.R.L., and to persons designated by the latter to undertake work on behalf of the business. No User has access to any other User's personal data, unless the owner of those data has given his/her written consent to the sharing of their personal data or any part of thereof, in general compliance with Article 4 of Law 19.628 of the Republic of Chile.

MediaMatrix E.I.R.L. does not sell, lease or otherwise dispose of any User's personal data, whether free of charge or for reward.

MediaMatrix E.I.R.L. may disclose personal data if so required by law or through a court order, or if the User infringes the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website or any contract between the User and MediaMatrix E.I.R.L., always provided that such disclosure is necessary in order to defend the rights of MediaMatrix E.I.R.L., of other Users, or of third parties.

MediaMatrix E.I.R.L. has adopted security measures for the protection of personal data that are in line with its obligations under the above-mentioned Law and has installed technical systems available to the state of the technology to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized use and theft of data provided by Users. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User is aware of the possibility that the security of communications over public networks in general, and the Internet in particular, is not invulnerable. Consequently, MediaMatrix E.I.R.L. encourages its Users to limit the communication of personal data to the minimum necessary to ensure the adequacy of their interaction with the site and with the enterprise.

"COOKIES" uses cookies to store information on the User's computer. These cookies do not contain any of the User's personal data; they only serve to improve their interaction with the site. Users have the option, through the configuration of their Internet browser, to disable cookies issued by this website, but the operation of the website may be hampered, or access to certain parts of it may be rendered impossible, if cookies are disabled.

* Law 19.628 and the Political Constitution can be consulted (in Spanish only) on the website of the Library of the Chilean National Congress:
Last update: 27/11/2012